TV-out and regular TV overscanning

I have my NVIDIA 8500GT hooked up to my Panasonic 36" (picture tube) TV, via S-Video.

I'm wondering is it normal on the TV during regular playback (DVD, Television etc.) to see what look like mostly blue lines in the bottom right corner of the TV? It looks like they are past where the picture ends by 1 line. It's only in the bottom right corner.

I didn't notice it until now and you can't really notice it if you are sitting far enough away. I'm just wondering if that is normal and always been there and I never noticed it, or if hooking up my video card to the TV has done something and I should cease using it.
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  1. This sounds like a degaussing problem, but I would have to actually see this effect to state this for a fact.
    S-Video into a TV should not cause a problem.
  2. I can hear it when I turn it on, sounds like it is degaussing to me.

    What I notice is that the lines move, what I mean, is it'll go from 1 line to 2 or 3 and back. You can't see it if what you are watching goes to black. The colour seems to vary a bit too, it's not constant. So dark blue, light blue, green, etc.

    I'm wondering how much black space (how many black lines) along each side of the screen (Vertically) am I supposed to have. Seems there is 2" or so in addition to the 1" you can see when the TV is off. So the screen is losing the normal 1", but when you turn it off, there's also another 2" that are gone.
  3. I have never seen any such lines or coloration with tv out.

    I can say that i have yet to own an Nvidia card with overscan(GF 2 3 and 8800GTX all do not have it)(it just makes the picture hang over the edge of the screen.....good for video, but you loose the start key and about the much on all sides)

    Check the cable maybe?

    closer inspection there is a slight overscan on my 8800(none on top.....) but it may just be the tv....
  4. The issue is, it shows up even when I'm not using the TV-out, so I'm wondering if the TV is slowly developing an issue that will become more of a problem or not and if I can fix it some how.
  5. Maybe they TV is slowly dieing...there is not much you can do about it...i can not see anyway for the computer to cause this..and a tube tv is hard as hell to find....I say use it till it then hopefully LCD tv's will have LED back lighting for blacker blacks.....

    As i say, i use my computer as a dvd/divx player and so far so last tv did die(it was acting up long before i ever connected it to my computer)
  6. I think you are right, it's just dieing. It's still very watchable at this point at least. The bottom right corner isn't a huge deal, as long as it doesn't start to spread.
  7. Well it seems to have spread, there's a red line down the screen next to the blue. All along the right edge of the screen.
  8. ouch......This would have happened not matter what, the computer did not do this....since to the tv your computer is just another DVD/VCR/Cablebox.....its all just an input
  9. I think you are right, since it's still spreading and I'm not even hooked up to the computer at the moment.

    Someone suggested to me to try and increase the overscan on the TV in the service menu to try and cover it up, might be worth a shot.
  10. depending on the tv you may be able to see something.

    Newer TV's do a strange thing....if you play a video that has flashing from light to dark the full screen will actually get slightly bigger and smaller....if the lines move then some over scan may work....but if they stay still then its the tube....and there is not much to do....If its a older tv(they where built better) this will not happen....

    I am looking for a video that will make this easy to see....may help you tract this down....
  11. Well my TV definitely does that, it gets bigger and smaller and I believe the problem is shifting with it.

    I tried accessing the service menu following instructions others had for Panasonic TVs. It worked and I got to the point where the red CHK appears on the screen. Then people said, hit power and the service menu will pop up in the center of the screen. If I hit power, it just shows a set of letters and numbers on screen and cycles through them, it was something like S 4 00 and you could adjust them, but I didn't.

    So I don't know how to gain access to the actual service menu to adjust the horizontal and vertical to make it overscan. I'm hoping I can find the information out there somewhere.
  12. you got me no clue how to access a service menu.....most tv's have the overscan set in the factory and thats it....try to watch a movie with lots of lightning and see if the problem area moves or stays still.....

    Or run the computer on it and use winamps avs....that should be enough to see if it stays still or not....
  13. Well here is something new I also discovered, I switched to an entirely blue screen and you can still see the different colour of blue line along the edge, but the red wasn't visible anymore. Most channels on TV or scenes when watching a DVD etc. will show the red line from top to bottom, but that seemed to cover it up.

    After further checking the problem definitely moves with the picture, so I don't think it's the picture tube.
  14. well maybe you can cross your fingers and give that service menu another try....
  15. It's worth a shot, I just need to try and track down how to use it properly so I don't make things worse.

    Thanks for the information/help btw.
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