hi i have a asus m2n32 sli deluxe wireless edition mobo, and i wanted to know if anybody knows what the temp3 and internal temp is for?
also if 40c is about right for an amd 5000+black edition cpu? i seen alot of people with cooler running cpus but i cant seem to get it to30c like everyone else.
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  1. Are you using an after market fan ? I get 30 c @ idle and 40 c @ load. You also have to consider room temperature. If room temp is high so will your idle temps will be high, too. Other things that can affect temps are airflow in your case. Do you have any case fans? Internal temp is probably for motherboard temps and temps is user defined. Your motherboard came with a DVD that has PC Probe which will give you the necessary temp info too
  2. I got a zalman 9500, and an antec 900 case with a fan mounted on the side too, room temp. is around 30c.
    the internal temp reading is always 93c and i check my board and nothing feels hot, and the temp3 is always 47-48c.
    i used the pc probe2 and nothing on there reads 93 or 47-48.
    i also used another program and it doesnt show these numbers also.
  3. i got same problem with speed fan and M2N32-SLI Deluxe.....and have been posting the same question on diff forums...apparently INTERNAL is the Stack Cool 2 "thingy" on back of motherboard, and I havent figured out what the Temp 3 is yet.....BUT
    im runnin a AMD 5000+ Black edition with a Zalman 9500 and two front intake fans and two rear exhaust fans and a side exhaust fan....used AI Boost to raise multiplier from default 13.5x to 15x CPU went from 2.6 to 3.0ghz...then i stressed it running 4 instances of Orthos and playing Diablo II all at same time.....ASUS Probe reports 28c CPU and 29C MB at idle and 45C CPU and 30C MB running four instances of orthos for hours.

    Before over clock and after....before stress test and after both temp 3 and internal show the fire symbols...internal under stress was 94C thats 201F so I toook RIGHT side off case and felt the stack cool 2 thingy thru a hole in the mobo tray with my fingers....now way it 94C!!!

    apparently even tho speedfan "claims" full support for the ADT7475 (Stack Cool 2 thing) it CAN't be right......boiling water is only 212F and nowhere on the back side of my mobo tray is the temp even remotely warm.

    Lastly I read another post somewhere about it and they said there are no sensors in temp3 and internal areas of the mobo....dont know if thats true or not...but I have NO even slightly warm air coming out of case ...anywhere even OC'd and under severe CPU stress. Im going to call ASUS on monday and ask them...my guess is theyre gonna say dont worry about it.
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