Looking for help on these cards, or suggestions on another

I haven't purchased or even kept up with video card specs since I bought my 6600GT. (Don't laugh, its paid for.) I now want to be able to play Crysis and COD4 with no problems. So here I am on the hunt for a new card and would like to get some opinions about these two, or maybe some suggestions on another card to go with.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127313 First the MSI

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150264 Then the XFX

Both are in the price range, but not sure which one would be the better card. Looking at the specs, the 'numbers' are higher on the MSI card but I'm not sure what they all mean. :pt1cable:

Also if anyone has a suggestion about another card in the same price range, but think it would be a better performance card, then I'm all ears. I just don't want to pay over 250.

Oh, another thing I would like to know is this power supply going to be sufficient. http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_details.php?cPath=37&pPath=157&productID=161

Thanks for any help.
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  1. I believe the 8800GT will smoke the 3850, even with only 256MB on it. If you can, wait another couple of weeks for another round of releases to see what it does to prices.
    Ultra X-Connect lives (or perhaps dies) on Tier-5 ("Do not buy") of the PSU listing at http://www.tomswiki.com/page/Tiered+PSU+Listings?t=anon. The specs may be adequate, but if it might suck hard enough to draw the magic blue smoke out of your rig, I'd choose one from Tier-3 or better.
  2. Hey, those are both quality cards, so I don't see a problem with either one. I will say that if you are exploring your options, and you want something to work well with Crysis or COD4, then I would suggest the 8800 GTS 320/640MB cards. Either one would do well in both games, Crysis reccomends the GTS 640MB but I have the GTS 320MB and the Crysis demo worked fine. XFX, EVGA, BFG would be your best bet for Nvidia cards.

    EVGA GTS 640MB

    EVGA GTS 320MB
  3. Yes, the PSU is good.
  4. Thanks for the info jtt283. According to that PSU rating list, my PSU sucks! Unfortunately that is what I already have.

    sprucebr1, thanks for the info on other cards, but I dont want to pay that much for a video card. Way out of my budget. Trying to stick to no more than 250.

    I have and older rig setup now and dont want to put too much into it. Plans are to build new in about a year or so.
    Intel board 915 (only single pci-e slot) , Intel 550, Leadtek6600GT, 2GB cheap stuff RAM, WD250GB & WD80GB both SATA, Lite-On 8x DVD RW, and the Ultra X-connect 500W
    But I really want to get away from BF2 already.

    My thoughts were just get a mid range card just to get by.
  5. Intel board 915 (only single pci-e slot) , Intel 550, Leadtek6600GT, 2GB cheap stuff RAM, WD250GB & WD80GB both SATA, Lite-On 8x DVD RW, and the Ultra X-connect 500W running on Vista Ultimate
  6. Yeah the ATI seems nice and its cheaper.
  7. Thanks for the feedback.
    I think I will go for the ATI (wow, my first ATI card)
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