AMD Athlon X2 5000BE MSI K9A2-CF (790x)

I just bought this Rig, $460.98 USD off new egg,

4GB Supertalent 5-5-5-15 DDR2-800 RAM (volt spec 2.1v)

AMD Athlon x2 5000 BE (B2 according to CPUz?)

Antec Neopower 650 W

MSI K9A2-CF 790x MB AMI BIOS Rev 1.2

MSI 3650 512MB DD2 OC edition GFX card

Zalman 9700 CNT (off local retailer)

I tried to Overclock using three different Versions of AMD Overdrive, and it never seemed to work. I got BSODs every time I tired to adjust something or the setting wouldn't stay. In addition, MSI Dual core cell would crash if I even had this installed. I used Versions 2.0.07 (MB CD), v 2.0.14, and v 2.0.17.

I tired to use MSI Dual Core Cell, which only seems to overclock the FSB. Every Attempt to overclock the FSB results in the system Rebooting.

I went thru the Bios and tried the same overclock setup that toms had done in their article. I was able to get it to 3.1GHz with a 15.5x multiplier, but had to raise the core Voltage to 1.412 v. I tried to push it to 16x with a 1.45v core, but the system failed stability testing with in 3 minutes using Orthos. It seems that I can't achieve what toms has been doing, but I don't know why.
When ever I tired to adjust the FSB thru the bios, the computer wouldn't boot and I had to reset the CMOS.

I tired to use MSI Dual Core Cell to pu the mem and NB voltages by .1 v, and I still couldn't even get the FSB up 2mhz

I noticed on MSI's website, that the Bios has had several updates, and the "CPU Module" has been updated several times.

I have the system running ~120% (3.1ghz) on multiplier only, with a Idle Temp of 32C and Load Temp of 44C.

another note, I can't run 3dmark on this system. I get the splash screen, but 10mins later its still there. I reinstalled windows already, due to other random software issues, and it still won't load.

Has anyone else had experience with this board/combo?
What a "Safe Voltage" that I can run this Chip at to hopefully get to that Stable 3.2GHz mark?
What can i do to try to overclock the FSB to push a little more out off this Hardware?
Is there a version of AMD Overdrive out there that supports this board?
Do My BIOS need to be updated so that AMD Overdrive will Work?

This is my first overclocking build, and I really don't want to end up with bricked system. Any Help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try reloading windows, but with everything at stock settings, Why did you say that you are having to reload anyway, new system yes? Try setting the freq to 240 with a multi of 13 = 3.12, this is close to your max oc. Every system has it max settings. With this one take small steps. I think that a 15.5 multi is too high.
  2. not all BEs go past 3.2GHZ
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