the data in a volume is being verified and repaired

Today I turned my computer on and after it started up and installed some windows updates (I thought this was a little odd as I didn't see a message before I shut down saying there was updates to be installed) I got a little notification bubble saying "the data in a volume is being verified and repaired".

What could cause this to happen? I haven't had a blue screen for a while and my computer shut down normally last night. The only thing I can possible think that may have caused it is jkdefrag (3.34 for vista 64) but according to the jkdefrag FAQ it is safe to use on a raid array (I read that before I started using it on this machine). I have checked what windows update installed (thinking it may have installed a drive update) but nothing there jumps out as being capable of disrupting the raid array.

2 seaget 500GB 32MB cache SATA2 drive in raid 1
MSI 8800GT 512OC
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
Coolmater Real Power 550W Extreme
2 2GB PC2-6400 400Mhz G.Skill ram
Intel E8200

As of writing the process is at 36% so I'm just waiting and watching and hoping that sorts its self out.
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  1. Ok it has finished doing what ever it was doing, it found 17 error's and corrected them (I have no idea what they are and can't seem to find a log at the moment).
  2. I have the same mobo, and it's been doing it every few days. I wonder if one the drives is dying.
  3. Have you been shutting your computer down properly each time. I did notice that this problem occurred after my computer blue screened. Other wise I got nothing.
  4. Nope, this is a fairly new system (XP Pro), and it's never blue-screened as far as I know. I have 3 750GB drives in a RAID5.
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