Is Samsung taking the lead on hard disks?

Hey everyone.

I'm about to purchase one or two terabyte hard disks and I was always a Seagate fan, but it seems like Samsung terabyte HDs win the most part of the test on the hard drives charts.
I never had Samsung drives and can't tell if they are good or not.
Looking for the 1TB 32MB cache drives I found the Samsung with a better price, but if I'm not wrong it has a 3 years warranty, against 5 years on Seagate.
Even paying more, I think I would go for Seagate.
Any comments?
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  1. Just google for 'samsung f1' reviews. They have excellant performance, quiet and power efficient, but im not sure about the quality. Im going to get the 750gb at the end of the month.
  2. The samsung drives are quick. And if it's cheaper, I would go with that. Though I haven't had problems, I've heard of some reliability probs with the samsungs. But, I've also heard quite a bit not good about the 7200.11 series from seagate. Not personal experience though.

    I did just receive a 640gb western digital drive, and it's the fastest 7200rpm drive I've laid my hands on. For $85x2 you could have a really nice RAID 0 setup that would be much faster than the samsung or the seagate
  3. I can't find those 640Gb disks here.
    Right now I have one Seagate 400Gb and two WD 250Gb.
    The Seagate is a refurbished received from a RMA and the two WD get real hot in the summer.
    My idea was to get one terabyte drive to replace the Seagate or the WDs, or two terabyte drives to replace all.
    I'm afraid of buying maybe two 500Gb hard drives to create a RAID setup and lose everything on a crash. I never used RAID.
    About the F1 drives, indeed they seem real quick. I just asked because I never used Samsung drives before.
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