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Hi all,

Last time a few months ago I wanted to monitor the internet usage of computers, I know have a solution.

I now want to know, what FREE software that can fulfill all the following requirements:
1. Be installed on the central server that provides internet access ONLY, not on client computers
2. Monitor what web URL's have each and every client have been to
3. Is not a demo or trial version of the software; it is simply just free software.
4. Install on Windows 7 computer

There is no requirement as to the content of the webpages accessed or sent, simply the URL's is sufficient,though it'll be good

I have already tried:
- Wireshark (Doesn't categorize data and it doesn't filter out the data)
- MING Network Monitor (is not free software)
- Spiceworks (No such function)
- GFI web monitor (not free software)

Thanks all
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  1. Ironport :D but you need a few thousand ;)

    As for free ones i doubt there is anything free out there for what you are wanting to monitor!
  2. Networx is a freeware option you can try. I am currently using it. I don't know if it can monitor which websites have been visited you will have to search for it, but I set it up to monitor my ADSL bandwidth usage . It is alot of function so you will just have to go through them all. It works pretty good. I have been using it for about 6 months with no problems on Windows 7.
    Here is the link:
  3. Networx I have used once. It only monitors how much you've used, not where computers have gone to
  4. nobody have any ideas left?
  5. you wont get anything that will monitor the metrics your looking for for free, as the PC will have have to access a proxy server then detail all the requests to a database then the software will have to report against said database, so i highly doubt there is a free solution for your query!
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