modular psu choices, help me choose

im looking for a pretty high quality modular psu thats sli ready and around 700 watts and up, but my price range ends at around 150 or so (would prefer it to be around 100 us $) i would looking at thermaltek tough power serious, newegg has a 700 and 750 watt modular psu for about 100 how are those, or are there any better ones out there
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  1. Ocz gamextreme 700w is $100 after rebate at newegg; Corsair and seasonic have the best warranties, but their 700w models go for $50-70 more.
  2. This is a great one. I have the 580w version of this, it runs great. It has more than enough power.
  3. hmm, i do like that muskin one, but i really wish it was slightly higher on the watts, i am going to have a lot of lights and i mean a lot, and also fans, so i really dont want to under supply it, and i gotta take a look at the ocz model, also is there any others, and do people just not like the toughpower series or what, thanks
  4. monste4321, list your specs, chances are you won't need 700 watts no matter how many lights and fans you are going to have.
  5. the corsair hx620 should be consider.
  6. High quality PSU's cost more. So if you want a 700w+ modualr SLI PSU for $100-$150 then it will be a LOW quality one (unless you find a nice deal).

    so spend more $ and get a Corsair 700w or 620w, because its worth it believe me.
  7. the main reason i want a 700+ is becuase once i get the extra cash im sliing 2 8800gt's
  8. Im going to sli 8800GT's and im getting the cosair HX620 its a good power supply with enough amps and watts for the GTs
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