boot from usb stick windows xp pro?

i was looking into putting windows xp pro +sp2 on my usb stick and boot from that , does anyone know of an easy way to do this ive look around some sites and im looking at 10 pages ,so maybe someone knows a good shortcut on how to do this would be great some say you have to use ultra iso some say you need to copy a few files to the usb stick first , i am looking to put the full pakage on there not a mini version ive got a spare 2gb stick here ready ,
if it was as easy as just transfering all data to usb wouldnt be a problem,
my board does support boot from usb
any information would be greatfull thank you :hello:
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  1. You might be interested in this info, but you'll have to make modifications to install a full Windows XP version:
  2. Yes this would be handy. I am currently working on a laptop for a friend of mine, and it doesn't have boot options in BIOS for CD-ROM, but it does for USB. Even if a person could make it boot to where it enables generic drivers for cd rom boot up. Anyway, I wish I could help you, but I am just curious as well.
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