Need Help With Low 3dMark06 Score

I purchased another Evga 7800 GT co edition to have a SLi setup.
I ran the 3dmark 06 with a single card and scored 3730 and then scored 4961 w/ SLI
I have the newest nvidia drivers installed
Does this seem like low score for my machine? i was hoping for a bigger improvment?

I running a old set up

Amd 64 4000
2 gb ram
asus a8n premium
600w PS
vista ultimate
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  1. nope i think that's about how much you are going to get.
    but think about it: ~3750 to ~5000? That's a 1250 difference- a 33% increase from the original. That's an increase in my book.
  2. Unlucky mate, I get 6495 with a core 2 duo @2.4ghz and an evga 7900gt@700/850.

    You still boosted your scores by 1/3 which is pretty good and you must notice it in games. Have you tried overclocking the cards?
  3. is 1000 points good for a boost from overclocking. I wnt from 3200 to around 4200 with a moderate GPU OC on my laptop.
  4. both cards are stock clock speed. i am about to get a 4200 X2 (939) that might help my scores a little? In Nvidia's control panel I have sli enabled in 3d settings it says sli performance mode single GPU?
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