Can you tell a scheduled email from its 'properties'?


Does anyone know if there's a way to tell a scheduled email on the old Outlook from a normal one please? I've been accused of leaving work early even though I'd sent myself an email just before I left; however it's being claimed that I could have delayed this, but I'm hoping that there's data in the 'Properties' (headers and footers?) that can prove this isn't so. Unfortunately I've been denied access to my work pc and don't have Outlook on my own computer, so can't check.

My work pc is an old Dell Optiplex (760?) running XP pro in an intranet with access to the outside.

If anyone can also tell me if work servers routinely record my activity and logging-in and -out times that would be a great help too. I know a windows file does something similar on my pc, as does Avast antivirus.

Many thanks!

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  1. I don't believe there is, but if this is connected to an Exchange server, then there would probably be a log if you set the message to be delayed. I have to admit to not knowing the full extent of how Outlook interacts with Exchange, but based on some observations of the two where I work, it seems as if the message is stored on the Exchange server before being sent at the designated time. The problem there, is as I understand it, Exchange tends to be a bit... Aggressive... In it's logging, so most admins turn it off before it soaks up huge amounts of RAM and disk space.

    If it's not connected to an Exchange server, then your work computer would have to remain on for the message to be sent, and it's been a long time since I've looked, but Windows should keep a record of every time the computer is shut down and booted.

    Still, I think you're ultimately kind of screwed. This smacks of someone who has it in for you, and will keep trying until they finally find something they can use. Often times such people aren't bothered by little things like facts. They might just say you programmed your computer to shut down at the designated quitting time, and when they can't find evidence of that, then clearly you deleted it the next day. I feel for you, for what little it's worth. I've been given similar shaftings a couple times in my life. Had a job where I needed to leave maybe 15 minutes early to catch a train. My supervisor routinely came in after me, and left before me, but would complain about how she was only getting maybe 7 hours of work out of me every day... Never mind that I tended to work through my lunch or couldn't get into the office early because I was a contractor. So, I can sympathize, and hope things work out for you, but I wouldn't go getting too hopeful.
  2. Bless you, that's a very astute reply! It does at least give me some hope for the appeal - I was sacked on Friday, for supposedly defrauding the hospitals where I work of four hours, even though the inconvenient facts show I'd also made errors where I'd lost myself five hours in that same period... this after twenty-seven years service including unpaid overtime and raising issues about wastage of over a million pounds a year (from a single department!) at CEO level, and, when that was swept under the carpet, raising the cover-up with my Member of Parliament: I suppose it's not surprising they want shot of me. They then paid me while I was suspended, a loss to the hospitals of about £8, 000, even though I offered to work in a different department while the 'investigation' was being carried out. Still, I'm rather old-fashioned; you know - work ethic, doing the right thing, caring, and all that rot, and I'd do it all again if I had to - only better!

    Anyway, the possible breach of the law here (and I'm sure you're aware of how inept control-freak managers and bullying and intimidation go hand-in-hand) means I've got a slim chance of reinstatement, even if it's only to leave with my head and the odd digit held high.

    Thank you then, not only for the Exchange server thing and the pc having to be on (very useful) but also for your shared feelings and experiences. It's worth a lot more than you suggest to know I'm not completely isolated, particularly when so many colleagues (and friends!) faded away.

  3. Well, best of luck to you mate. I'm along the same way. I've worked plenty of places where it's kind of "stab the next guy in the back before he stabs you in the back" or departments are run like someone's personal fiefdom. I have this crazy notion that such enmity should be saved for the competition, and internally everyone should be working towards the same general goal of helping the company do whatever it is it does, as well as possible.

    Based on some of the things you mention, you could try contacting your MP and/or some local officials. I'm on the other side of the pond, but in these times, you show me a single elected politician anywhere that wouldn't love to make some political hay over a million quid being wasted regularly.

    Again, good luck to you whatever happens.
  4. Cheers matey, hope the weather's nicer over there!

    It does seem that weak and deceitful people use fear (e.g. of job-loss) to divide and control others. I suppose in business agression is generally favoured, but what sickens me is that I work(ed) for the NHS, where the end 'product' is someone (and their family).

    The million quid issue has passed; I informed my previous MP but he was incredibly casual about it, and didn't act. His party, Labour, were in power and were tacitly going along with the dismantling of the NHS they moan that the Tories were behind (and now the Lib-Dems are not voting against it either: power does indeed tend to corrupt).

    My current MP appears to be another waste of space, and accepted the CEO saying, regarding this and my whistle-blowing of only hundreds of thousands this time in another directorate, that information couldn't be released to her as it was confidential!! What, from an MP? I asked about taking it up with other parties and bodies within the government and she hasn't replied for two months, so will try and book an appointment and get a straight answer before going to the papers.

    Amazing, isn't it? I think all the politicians are for saving money by killing the NHS (it's not about efficiency: workers are cut but the savings then go on new management posts (and decor). I could give you examples but I appear to be considerably off-topic already.

    What this world needs is a good truth-detector: as an investor in some of your excellent motherboards I shall leave premise that with you :-)

    Thanks again,

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