lian li tower for workstation or not?

hello, im ordering a workstation next week but i have trouble deciding about the case
is a good consumer-lvl case, like a full tower lian li case (ie: pcv-2100), good enough for this system?

general specs are: 2 xeon cpu, 6 sata devices, hi-end gpu, hi-end sound interface, 1000watt psu, 24/7
the specifications/compatibility with psu, mobo etc, are fine i ve checked it already

the problem is that professional cases have a lot stronger fans, more fans in number, and have better air-flow design
so what do i do? the reason is the extremely high cost of professional cases and to be honest, taste

i would appreciate answers coming from people who have already worked with ready servers/workstations
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  1. Should your thermals be out of line, I can't imagine it being something beyond what a few extra fans would cure.

    On a related note... my employer just got IBM's newest blade center and it's pretty damned amazing. Not nearly as loud as the previous generation... but man at the air flow.
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