could use some advice on problem with drive running slow with other pr

I am having a fairly recent problem with my HD (sata seagate model ST3250823AS with WinFast NF4SK8AA M/B and Win XP-Pro sp3) it has stated running real slow NovaBench 2 rates it as 9mb per sec transfer rate and I am getting allot of file fragmentation especialy at the middle of the drive(allot more then normal), also scan disk is running REAL slow (thats what initialy caught my attention) windows defrag is allot slower also especialy at the end.
I have run Seatools in both windows and off the boot disk versions both claim the drive is fine but state there is file errors. I have tried swaping out the sata cable with 3 differnent types.
Heck when I installed a older ATA133 250gig seagate drive it clocked out at 22mb per sec and the SATA drive should be much faster.
anyone have a clue on what the problem might be I am seriously thinking about formatting the drive and starting over with a clean install to see if that changes anything short of that and possably getting as new MB and or HD I am stumped!
Any advice would be grately apreciated.
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  1. Check to make sure the drive is not running in pio mode. Yes SATA can run that if they are in IDE mode. Check the controller under device manager and make sure everything is where it should be.

    Then again it could just be a dying hard drive, hopefully not.
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