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Alright guys, here's what I need to know and still haven't been able to figure out. Currently, I'm using a 7900GS, which is a great card for the money, but the only way I can use it on my HDTV (main monitor) is to set a custom resolution through Nvidia's control panel. When I set it at 1280x720, it crops part of the picture on the bottom and left sides by about an inch or 2.

Now here's my question, I was thinking about getting a HD 3870, and I was wondering how does it fair on HDTV's and with overscaning issues compared to an Nvidia card. I've heard that they work better, but since I don't have one, I don't know for sure. That's pretty much the deciding factor for me to choose between the HD 3870 or the 8800GT.

Any input would be great. P.S. I'm using a Hyundai 320a 32 inch LCD TV 720p.
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  1. Bump, does anyone have any info? I tried using my card in XP, but I had to still use the 1219x688 custom resolution instead of 1280x720p
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