newbie questions about sata hard drive power

I putting together my first build and i accidently order a SATA hard drive instead of IDE but i guess its better from my research so I decided to keep it but regardless..I got 2 connectors that came with my mobo asus p5e and it was sata connector and sata power connector.....

now the question is i dont have to connect my hard drive twice to my power supply right??? cause i have my sata hard drive adapter go into the power supply...

on the sata drive it had 2 connectors where the ide would i connected those 2 and assumed no power is needed

so is that all 2 it?? just connecting to the sata adapter not directly to the hard drive
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  1. There should be 2 connectors on it. one for power and one for the sata cord. See this image: If your power supply has a sata connector, you can use that. Otherwise, you will have to use the adapter they gave you. You will also have to run to actual sata data cable from the hard drive to the motherboard.

    Hope that helps.
  2. hi waterpyro..

    if you saw the image that br3nd064 sent you ,
    you will see to connections .
    the left one is for power. you will need to use the adapter you got from asus that convert from molux (4 pins) to sata...
    the right one is the connection of the data.
    you will use sata cord which is damn slim then a the fat IDE cable..
    and then you are all set to work.

  3. in that picture, are there 3 different connections there, or is there only one cable for the connection to the left of the sata part?
  4. ignore the pins on the right ..

    the 2 connectors on the left , those are the connectors to work with.
    the left one is the electricity and the right one is for data.


  5. The pins on the right are a simple serial port used by the manufacturer for diagnostics. You shouldn't need them for anything. The two other connectors are what you should be using, and the larger one (on the left in the image above) is power.
  6. ok that makes sense, thanks
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