P5K and Front Panel Audio problem

I have a new P5K and Antec Sonata III case (Win XP). The case has two front panel plug-ins for a headset and a microphone. It can be connected to the mobo either as HD Audio or AC 97' (both is supported by both).

Now I have it connected as HD Audio, and my problem is that the headset plugin does not autodetect! As I browse my Realtek Audio Manager, it says that I have a headset plugged in all the time, but I am not! And it cannot detect as I plug in or out a headset. The autodetection for the microphone works great! When plugged in, the headset works normally (audio goes through).

If I connect as AC 97' the autodetection problem spreads to the microphone plug-in too!

Help! Thanks.
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  1. The audio drivers are updated and uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help.
  2. By now, I hope you have resolved this problem. If you have not, I would suggest that the Front Panel Type item in the BIOS is set to [HD Audio]. If you want to connect an AC'97 front panel audio module to this connector, set the item to [AC'97]. All this is on page 2-32 in your ASUS manual.
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