Overclocking a HD3870 x2 or HD 3870 in crossfire

Pretty simple question. What would be the best setup HD 3870X2 or HD 3870 in crossfire? You can overclock both setups but the crossfire setup is able to overclock more b/c they are two seperate cards vs one single HD 3807x2 and people are having a harder time getting higher core clock speeds. Plus the crossfire setup in about 50$ cheaper.

Another question is what is the best way to overclock a HD crossfire setup? Because I have not delt with ati in a long time and wanted to know what programs people are using to overclock.

All replies are appreciated and thanks for the help.

Btw this is going in an antec 900/msi p35FR/750w psu/2x2gb gskill pc2-8000/Raid 74 gb raptors/qx9650 with tuniq tower 120
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  1. you can use the catalyst software provided by ati. it allows for some o/c.

    the 3870x2 is a very decent card. i definately would recommend it because you have the ability to CFX later on. With a dual 3870CF set up, there really isnt much room for added performance unless you have a 790FX/X MB that allows for more pcie.

    I think the best move is to fork out that extra $40-50 for the 3870x2 for now. then once the 4xxx is released, you can opt to CFX. I believe the future 4850 will be clock the same as 3870x2.
  2. The best thing you can do at this stage is wait. Wait for the new 4000 series of cards. One drawback to the 3870X2 is that the second GPU runs a bit hot due to having the fan blowing all the heat from the first GPU over it.
  3. If I had to get either one, I'd go for the 3870 crossfire. There's less issues with drivers and it's cheaper. Performance is the same, some times better due to the 3870x2's poor driver support.

    If you went with the 3870x2 with intentions of buying another one later on, this plan may be risky. By the time you want to get another 3870x2, better vidcards may be out at the same price. In the worse case scenario, the 3870x2 may cease in production, thus price for the remaining stock stays high in price.
  4. When are the HD 4xxx series cards coming out, i am leaning toward two HD 3870's b/c i can get them for 260$ after 60 mail in rebates and shipping is included, you cant be that with a stick, imo
  5. Dunno, rumor has it that it's gonna be out by June. I'd expect delays, but it's reasonable to assume it'll be out before next year.
  6. so my two hd 3870's in crossfire for 260$ is my best option, i really dont want to get them b/c i want hdmi but i guess i can use the vga input on my hdtv's no big deal. On another note, just use ati's options in display options to control the core clocks or use another program like ati tools or riva tuner which i like best b/c i can use the fan control to up the speed and keep the cards cooler.
  7. btw, not a bad upgrade for 400$ plus pay my attorney bill of 3000$ with this purchase. He traded me my q6600 @ 3.6ghz with 8800 gts 320mb card to erase my 3000$ bill of attorney fees for custody of my son, i wanted to upgrade my cpu anyway and go with a qx9650 b/c i do a lot of video encoding and the 4-4.5 ghz will help out tremendously from the qx9650
  8. I've had problems o/c'ing my pair purely from heat. They are mounted close together and i have no way to overclock bar using CCC with vista. I'd guess the 3870 X2 would be easier but thats just my experience maybe other have an easy way round this.
  9. I just got my qx9650 today, so i will be doing testing for the next 2 weeks, ordered my 3870's today, i have an antec 900 case with 5 intake fans on it so i dont think that ill have a problem with heat plus if i boost the fan speed with riva turner it shouldnt be a problem, now all i have to do is rma my raptor hard drive so i can setup my raid and I should be good with a computer for about 2-3yrs, wouldnt you say?
  10. my mobo is a msi p35 neo fr so mounting the cards with space wont be a problem
  11. Erm mine are in an Antec 900 aswell and 2 slots apart....
  12. Just can't control the fan speed when they are in Crossfire...
  13. what about a bios flash
  14. update, just got 2 150gb raptors for 200$ off of ebay, i think my system will do just fine, the only thing i have a problem with is that my mobo is a p35 and it only has pciex 1.0, ill keep you updated on the system
  15. Not going to risk the flash, I'm getting my watercooling parts by next Wednesday so temps won't be a problem anymore :).
  16. 14205 on 3dmark06 with one card and 18250 in crossfire, not too bad. Waiting for the raptors and my processor now.
  17. That's pretty crazy...
  18. I ended up with 20200 on 3dmark06 but i got a new mobo so things should change with pcie 2.0
  19. Daaaang, 20200? You should get those upcoming veloci-raptors to increase more points.
  20. i got 150gb raptors right now in a raid, no need for the velociraptors, too much money for not that much of performance gain but i do have to say im a power hungry guy s you never know
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