whats the difference between BFG XFX PNY

I was looking to buy a graphics card and kept seeing BFG and XFX etc.
I get BFG XFX and PNY are brand names but whats the difference if any?
And if there is a difference which has the best quality?
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  1. I would say warrenties, everyone has a lemon or two, biggest difference is warrenties. Quality wise they all are made the same.
  2. There's no difference in the cards themselves for the most part, unless it specifically says there is, like OC (overclocked) or it has a special fan on it. The major difference between the cards are the contents of what they package with the card, i.e. games, software, ect. Also the warranties differ from company to company. Personally, I really like eVGA for their lifetime warranty, excellent support, and their step-up program. XFX is another good brand, because they give you a transferable warranty, so you can resell your card with a full warranty.
  3. EVGA > all ^.^
  4. what about BFG that any good?
  5. warranty wise i meant
  6. XFX has a double lifetime warranty meaning that even the guy you sell the card to is fully covered. They also replace the card if you fry it while modding/overclocking.

    EVGA has Step-up program which might come in handy when 9800 series launches in February. I believe they have a single lifetime warranty.

    Not sure about BFG and PNY warranty-wise, but I would be surprised if BFG doesn't offer lifetime.

    So basically, XFX has the best warranty and EVGA has the step-up program. Quality-wise, strictly speaking, there's virtually no difference.
  7. Hey Hey

    Gotta say from experience BFG has a good warrenty
    During my experimental stage I flashed another venders bios on my 7950 gt. Totally Phucked it up then sent it back to bfg they sent me another no questions asked :)
  8. cool thanks
  9. Actually BFG does offer a lifetime warranty. I don't really understand the "double life-time" warranty; A lifetime warranty should cover the product regardless of change in ownership. In fact I did sell one of my BFG 7900GT to a friend and he had no problem getting it RMA'd when it started to have memory errors. Pretty much all they ask for is the model# and serial# and your address to send the new card (he got a 8600GTS OC to replace the 7900GTOC). Also I'm pretty sure there are differences between some manufactures. I recall reading somewhere that certain companies will use cheaper RAM (less dense?) to cut cost, which makes it less overclockable and more prone to failure. There are also differences in what type of cooler the manufacture decides to put on the card which can have the same effects mentioned above. Personally I like BFG, but would never discourage anybody against eVGA or XFX. PNY I'm not too thrilled about. I had a PNY 7800GT which could not overclock at all and started to show artifacts after only a few months. I think it may have been them that I read about using cheaper RAM.
  10. BFG is my first choice... But that is my opinion... I have been using them since Gainward went out of business in the US. PNY customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't delt with XFX so I can't comment on them. I took care of an RMA for a friend of mine that got an eVGA card a few years ago.. I personally will never deal with them again. I don't know if they are better now or not but once burned you tend to stay away...
  11. I've only had experiences with eVga, BFG and PNY. PNY did not honor a supposedly "lifetime" warranty because it uses a different definition of "lifetime", i.e. "lifetime" for PNY is limited to the product manufacturing cycle. Once a particular card is no longer manufactured, "lifetime" support ends. On the other hand, BFG replaced an end-of-life-cycle card for me with a newer version card which really performed better than the orginal. As for eVga, I've yet to have one of their cards crash, but then again, they are relatively new 8800GTSs, but indications are their warranty is as good as BFGs.

    edit: I think PNY has gone to a new warranty policy. No more "lifetime" warranties, instead, one year and then an additional 2 years upon registration, 3 years total.
  12. This should be an interesting read http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/246797-33-bfgtech-poor-customer-service-faulty-products

    I had to call BFG tech support myself as one of my customers bought a 7900gtx wich died in his system. BFG sent back a 7900gt and when I called to tell them about the error they said that they had sent a 7900gtx but the card was clearly a 7900gt .... single slot size and 7900gt PRINTED on the card !!!! But they just wouldn't understand anything ... When I asked to speak to a supervisor the person on the phone said to wait while I was being transfered ... yeah I got transfered alright ... to nowhere ... the line just dropped. And I called like 7 or 8 times about this issue and it's always the same treatement .... I explain the problem again, they say they will transfer me to someone who can handle the situation and they hang up on me. Got tired of them being such a**holes and had to buy my customer an ATI card instead since he did not want another bfg card. So BFG customer service is by far the worst I have ever seen from any manufacturer .... I say stay away from them and look at EVGA or PNY. I hear XFX has also good service and warranty. I know that one of the forum member is actually an XFX service rep.
  13. I have to admit that trying to call BFG is a pain. I could never get through and the hold music is awful. But through email it's been very easy contact them and get service.
  14. Bfg has the best warrenty because if u read all of the other manufactures they only say they will replace it if they are still making that card bfg is a real life time read the warrenties
  15. I think PNY is like 3 years. I had a card died but it was over 3 years old :(
  16. Thats why I love BFG, they'll replace a card they no longer make with a better model. I'm praying that my 8800GTS dies sometime in the next 2 months and get a Rev2 or at least a GT.
  17. bfg replaced my 7900gt with a 8600gts. bad trade haha. not going bfg again. i recommend eVGA
  18. I had no problem getting the 8600GTS for a 7900GT. Not a huge difference in performance(at least for what I'm using it for) and if anything ever comes out truly DX10 optimized the 8600 would probably outperform the 7900. Besides losing a few FPS is better then having to either deal with a failing card or buy a new one.
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