Antec Truepower 2 480 calls it quits

Hi everyone, i cleaned out my gf's pc with compressed air since it was really dusty inside. Alot of dust came out of the PSU. The pc powered up and posted when i pushed the power button and i powered it down again. And that was that. Now the PSU is dead. I tested it in her dad's pc. Nothing. I put his PSU on her mobo. It gives power. So i decided to open it up. The only thing I can see is a cap on the circuit board that's swollen up and it's leaking stuff at the top. Could this be the cause of the PSU not powering up? Is it worth trying to fix or should i just dump it and buy a new one? The machine is a Asus P5W DH Deluxe,E6300,4 x 512 Kingston HyperX DDR2,Radeon X1900GT.
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  1. It may be a blown capacitor, that's usually the culprit of most of the failures I have witnessed. You may be better off just buying a new PSU rather than repair it and wait for something else to go wrong.
  2. thanks. Yes i don't really feel like fiddling with it anyway. I may just end up electrocuting myself in the process! I'll go out tomorrow and get a new psu.
  3. yeah, if its bulged its toast....may be able to RMA it if its not too old....
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