Strange Problems!

Hi, lately i bought myself an Albatron 6800GT (256 DDR3, AGP) upgraded from a UNKNOWN BUILDER but powered from a ATi Radeon 7500 64MB DDR card, though the 7500 was converted into passive cooling, i never experienced crashes with it, nor cold restarts, cause the card never overloaded itself and rejected the software requests, i guess it worked just to fulfil my needs.

Back to topic, ive read somewhere in the past at Tomshardware an article about GPU/CPU bottleneck effects on the AGP technology, i thing it was something about a contrast between CPU and GPU, the limit of a CPU communicating with GPU (im guessing, but its something like this) if this is true, can anyone tell me if my hardware is compatible?

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ @ 2.2Ghz (Cooled with a Zalman cooler in FAST MODE)
Kingston 512 DDR PC3200
Albatron nVidia 6800GT 256MB DDR3 AGP
WD Raptor 74GB
WD Caviar 400GB (both on normal SATA/RAID mode)

for the moment i run a Windows Server 2003 on it, i read on some forums that the w2k/xp driver works perfectly on Win2003 too, but i used this computer as a server before and now im converting it to a PC, so ill give you a report if XP has the same problems...apropo problems

the symptoms are the strange part, i removed all previous drivers from my windows, installed a driver from albatron which was OLD, the system boots, it gets into the desktop flawlessly and after i run any program that uses some good graphic resources (like Windows Live Messenger) the OS crashes, the desktop becomes ICY in 5 seconds, i can move the mouse, after 5 other seconds the mouse stops responding too and after 5 other seconds the mouse comes back. it depends on the program how much GPU it uses, with WLM i dont experience the 5 seconds at all coz it overloads the GPU and my display turns black and only cold boot helps (btw, after it truns the display to black, my tower goes silent, looks like it HALTS, all the coolers slow down).

Personally im good in troubleshooting hardware problems but in this situation, im speechless, i have no idea whats going wrong over here, i checked the hardware which is perfectly configured/connected too (ill check again), need some good, deep, detailed and healthy posts here guys?

Best Regards helpers.
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  1. EDIT: sorry for double posting, some scripts are not working on my browsers, anyway, i forgot to mention that i tried the official drivers from too and had the same problems.
  2. It sounds like power.
    What is the rating of your PS? a break down of the rails would be good.
  3. great, the DC cable was a bridge which i connected all the coolers there, switchted it to another link, works good so far, rwinches, i own you a cold beer :)
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