Does Anyone Know Where This Thread Went?

Hey guys, there used to be a great guide here on PSUs that gave a lot of good information about figuring out your +12v rails and there was a list of PSU’s by the Amps on the +12V rail. I don’t remember the name of the person that made it, but I can’t find it any more sine toms re-did their site. I know I’m being vague, but does anyone know what I’m talking about.
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  1. Yes, they were mpilchfamily's posts. There was a falling out here between Tom's and some of the old knowledge base (including mpilch). mpilch's PSU posts were deleted. The PSU sticky at the top of the page still has a good deal of useful information that you can use.
  2. rgeist554 said:

    Sorry for the double post. That's the new one that replaced the ones Flame is looking for.
  3. That’s what his name was, so the link above isn’t mpilchfamily’s, just one like his?
  4. Yes. I know where his posts are at another site. PM me if you want the link, I won't put it in here to get censored again.
  5. You need to go to the johny guru forums.
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