3870 width problem

anyone have the width dimensions on a 3870? Does it take up the width of 2 full slots or is it just half way over the next slot?

My motherboard has an on edge bios battery holder that is just on the otheside of the pci slot that is next to my PCIe slot at the back of the board. the battery stands about a half inch tall. The 3870 is very long, i have the length in my box, but that G*D D*#M battery holder might interfere. I measured and checked, but didn't notice the GD battery until after i ordered the 3870. New Egg = replacement only. So i am stuck with the card. If i would have noticed the battery i would have bought an 8800GT. If it doesnt fit, i guess ebay will have a 3870 for sale tomorrow.

God, i must have been blind not to see it. I need to pull a dobby(house elf from Harry Potter) and punish myself. :fou:
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  1. I would say mine are only covering 1 and a half slots so you should be ok. Are you on about the height of the battery to the bottom of the card?
  2. the battery is one of those disc types. On edge it is at least a half inch off the board. The fan cover on the card doesnt go all the way down. There is a small margin. It will be close, very close.
  3. Ok i have the card in my hands now. It isnt nearly as long as i feared. It is 9.5 over all. But that includes the DVI plugs that stick out the end, the fan housing is round at the end and it is 1.5 wide but only at the exhaust/plug and at the fan(the rest is less than 1.25 wide).

    so, saljr, is dead on. But, it takes up a lot less room than i would have imagined. Mine is a Sapphire, but its overall dimensions are exactly the same as the Diamond info above.

  4. it fit easily.

    but after install i have no sound. WTF
  5. The exhaust portion eats up 2 full slots but it kind of narrows at the end so you might can get away with it :)
  6. Oh yeah, it fit. actually about 3-4 milliters to spare over the battery. Any bigger i could not have got it in the box period. I have a small case. I will be getting a bigger one.

    I had to uninstall the ATI high def sound driver to get my sound to work tho.
  7. You don't have to uninstall it (but if you're not using it it doesn't matter) you can simply disable it.

    It's like any new audio device, often it will be set to default even if it isn't.

    You should have the little icon in the start bar that allows you to change the preferences.
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