Run full backup windows vista home basic

I don't know How create full backup using windows vista home basic?
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    Use this and it's free!

    Welcome to the Forum! :hello:
  2. Quote: [...] ftware.htm

    Use this and it's free!

    i think a lot of backup software you can use.
    but to start with, a easy and cheap one is better.
    easeus todo backup home edition is enough for a home user.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion sent.
    I installed version 2.5.1 and tried to make full backup (since the first backup) in the following steps
    1. Disk and partition backup
    2. I selected disk for backup
    3. I chose destination (CD/DVD ) using following options:
    Splitting: Manual CD-drive 700
    Check backup image integrity after backup
    When the first CD was filled I think need another CD but when I put another CD does not go away
    I do not think that everything is on a CD-700 and I do not know how go on !!!!
    Please, tell me where I'm wrong ???
    I guess that you used this software…
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Backup Windows Vista Home Basic