Can't overclock my qx6700 past 2.9ghz

Hi Everyone. I really need some help here. I am trying to over clock my CPU and am very disappointed at the results I'm getting. I am a noob to this, but from what I've read, I should be able to overclock my CPU to 3.0-3.2ghz with out even changing the voltage. I can get it up to 2.9ghz (unlinked with all other setting still stock) but once I try to exceed 2.9 the system refuses to boot. I even tried changing the voltage from 1.3 to 1.46 and I still can't boot. Any help you guys can offer would truly be appreciated. Thanks!

System Specs
DFI Lanparty 680i LT
Intel QX6700 2.66ghz quadcore
4gigs Mushkin 2X2GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 (dual channel)
2x EVGA 8800GT (SLI)
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  1. Thats an easy one. Its the 6x0i Chipset and Q6x00 Processors... Although I have never seen a QX, I am pretty sure its not exempt from the common problems inherent in the 6x0i chipset.

    Check to see if its the actual FSB thats your Limit or the CPU speed. But I dont think it will matter. The only advice that works is that you have to find a FSB setting where it will boot, and thats boring! + 5 FSB, reboot. Fail, reset, + 5 FSB, reboot, fail, re start, +5 FSB, etc until one actually posts and then tries to boot.

    Once you find an area that it likes, you try and adjust the rest of the settings accordingly, Dependant on your FSB, CPU speed and RAM speed, etc.

    Trial and error is your only friend! Especially when combining the 680i chipset and a q6x00 series. (And now the qx6x00! You did add VCore anyways, just to be sure, right?)

  2. nvidia chipset has rep as bad for cpu oc'ing
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