Trying to write DVDs and can't....

My CD/DVD Drive (Samsung Super WriteMaster SH-S203) won't copy anything to DVD - it always reads a DVD as having 0 bytes of free space.

On an (unrelated?) topic, it plays DVDs fine until I've been watching for about an hour, then the picture and sound jumps a bit every few seconds. Games also stall a bit as well.
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  1. What OS?
    Do you have the software installed installed to burn with?
    Will it burn a CD or do you get the same type of result?
  2. Windows XP.

    I was trying to use Windows' built in software but I appear to be having more luck with Nero 7 Essentials.

    But now I'm very confused. The DVDs I'm using claim to be RW, but when I erase them, it says there's still data on the disk, as if they were recordables. And when I put in a disc that I haven't used before, it seems to think it's a CD and gives me a warning if I try to put more than 700MB of data on it :S
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