40gb partition not enough for Vista Basic, WTF

Just did an install of Vista Basic, and figured 40gb would be more than enough space on a partition. NOPE. 3 days later, after installing all of the other apps/games on the second partition, the first is full. Is there a good partitioning program that can expand the partition? Windows can't, because the drive is split into 3 partitions, c:, d:, and n:, and the OS is on c:.
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  1. Windows will let you expand the c partition but you need empty space on the drive to do that.. The best thing to do would be to copy every from d to n or n to d, then remove that partition.. Then in the disk management console you can just right click the c: and expand.. The last time I tried Partition Magic it didnt play nice with vista.. But that was a long time ago, there may be a newer version that will let you expand the partition without removing one of the others first.
  2. I would download GPARTED from sourceforge.net and resize your partition. Burn the ISO to CD and boot from it.
    You will need your Vista CD to repair the bootsector, easy enough to do, just launch setup via CD and select repair.
    Another option is to delete all the cached update files. Those things freaking hog up a bunch of space.
  3. thanks
  4. interesting....cuz i can install vista home premium on a 20Gb partition (about 8-9Gb of free space).

    three things i usually do is:
    1. disable system restore
    2. move the page file to another partition
    3. disable hibernation

    if you don't want to disable system restore, try reducing the space it uses. somethings not right if vista is using up 40Gb IMO.
  5. I agree, something isn't right.....vista shouldn't be using this much space. System store is disabled, I have no page file because I run 8gb of RAM, and hibernation is disabled. I've managed to free up a few gb by streamlining every file I can confidently delete without fear of windows repercussion. I'm also trying to delete all of the cached update files.
  6. Vista on this laptop of mine, cheap as they come, 160 Gb drive, 2 GB ram, T5200, yeah just vista, office 07 ultimate, browsers, media players, no downloads yet and it sits at 38 GB used. All editions of Vista are the same as they use the same files, just different features enabled. Add service packs, and all of the updates, you end up with a full drive. This is fortunately why you can get 750 GB for under a hundred bucks. Thank you microsoft for creating the demand.
  7. No Thank all the people that love to cause havoc, hack, & spam the software forcing them to load their software with so much security that you need all those gigs to install and run the os in the first place.
  8. Norton Partition Magic 8.0 will allow you do anything you can even think of doing with your drives without losing a single byte.
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