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I have a problem connecting SATA DVD (Samsung WriteMaster SH-S203N) to my asus motherboard (P5KR). Apperently the MB recognaizes the name of the DVD drive, but it can not access it.
I've tried several bios setups, unfortunatly without any success. Always MB recognises the name, but can not access it.
In the mean time, I've installed Windows XP Pro, with an ATA DVD-drive and it works well.
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  1. what cant access it? windows? what service pack?
  2. Everything can see it (everything says that there is a DVD drive), but nothing can read what is on it (bios just put "...", windows just thing a long time and than say that every CD or DVD are ampty)...

    On "bios", I've say to look first on the DVD drive, when it's empty, it's empty, but when I put a CD or DVD, it just write "..." and wait me to restart the computer,

    On "windows XP pro service pack2", I see it on "my computer", but when I put some CD-DVD, it just thing a lot and then it look like every CD's and DVD's are empty
  3. Which SATA slot is it plugged into? Black or red? Hopefully your drive isnt DOA.
  4. the 2nd red,
  5. Do you have any options for AHCI or IDE compatibility mode or anything like that in your BIOS?
  6. I have put every thing on IDE

    "I hope it to,

    I thing it's a bios setup(but I've wath everywhere and I don't see any probleme, an idea?), or an incompatibility(I know that there is no incompatibility normally here, but I don't know everything, roflol),"
  7. yeah... you shouldnt be having any issues at all. I hope someone with this chipset can confirm this.

    Your drive may be DOA.
  8. Okej, thanks
  9. There is a possibility that "upper" and "lower" filters are disrupting the transfer of data. These are generally registry keys that filter data going to and from the ODD. Do a google search and you should find a few places that refer to which reg keys are causing the issue.
  10. the problem is that it's don't work in BIOS to, so it isn't a registry key problem, but thanks anyway
  11. in fact I had a defectuse power cable, I change it and now it works:..

    thanks fallows,
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