Is this possible with mobile racks?

Hi there

Is this possible to do with these removable mobile HD racks

I want to keep my home pc and my work separate, I also don't want to dual boot a HD, I want to have 2 hard drives, each with its own operating systems on them.

So the situation is, the pc will not have a internal HD, just a empty mobile rack, I insert the drive in the slot and power on.

To change to the other, I switch the pc off and insert the other drive and so on.

I realise I can't use this as hot swap drives.

Can this be done?
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  1. You are using the same computer, right?
    If so, then it is possible, yet more expensive to do what you are thinking.
    If you have space for 2 hard drives in the computer, then you can have two drives and select which one you want to boot from in the bios. I do it all the time with my desktop.
  2. Cheers for the reply

    rabidbunny said:
    You are using the same computer, right?
    Yes, same computer
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