$2300 Clock ... Clock Display on Screen Saver ??


XP-Pro(SP3) ...

I used to be able to have a digital clock displayed as my screen-saver ... I think it was a marquis option.

Sometimes I fall asleep in front of the computer and wake up in the middle of the night ... This can be a little disorienting and I am always fumbling for my cell phone and I can't even read the display because my eyes are all blurry.

Would be so nice if I could get that big green floating digital clock back, as my screen saver.

It would also help when I'm rushing around and trying to get out of the house (condo).

A N Y - H E L P ?

Thank You,

= Alvin =
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    OK ... Found it ... Desktop>>Properties>>ScreenSaver>>3D-Text>>chkbox"Time"

    First person, to quote this post, get's a free "Best Answer" (So I can "SOLVE/CLOSE")

    = Alvin =
  2. Hi Alvin

    Congrats for having solving your problem. Another option is to download a free (Digital or analog) clock screensaver where you can adjust the size color and shape.
    If you are interested I will forward the web site to you.
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  4. Thanks for the replies ...

    Naw ... I am happy with the native 3D Text screensaver ... Without looking at the actual settings, I can tell you that I (think I) selected "seasaw" mode and slow speed at highest rez ....

    ... I worked pretty hard at getting the perfect shade of "Electro-Luminescent Amber", which I tweaked to (fairly) precisely emulate a Grid Compass Notebook display screen ... a wicked-cool shade of amber that is something like "school bus yellow" and something like "goldenrod", but neither ... of course ... very nice !

    .... Actually, it looks a little like the lighter shades of aford10's bio-hazard avatar, in the post that preceedes this one.

    = Al =
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