CPU and Ram speed question

Is there any way to increase the frequency on the ram without touching the cpu FSB
CPU= Q6600
Ram= Dominator DDR3 1800 (PC3 14400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory
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  1. You'll have to touch it, if you want to up the frequency. You can juggle the multiplier and bus speed so the CPU stays at the same overall speed while increasing the FSB (multiplier down, bus speed up).

    Are you sure your RAM isn't fast enough already?

    Maybe some specs might help: multiplier, FSB, timings, etc.
  2. you can change the ram ratio if it isn't already maxed, although I'm sure it probably is. why on earth did you buy, what $300-400 ram, without wanting to overclock?
  3. i did oc lol to 3 ghz not to much but in order to go an higher its changing my fsb on my cpu from 1333 to 1800 thats the issue
  4. well its fast i have it at 1333 but its rated at 1800 Mhz that what i would like to have but its not going to be safe if my cpu FSB is at 1800
  5. i can play with it a little and get it to let me go to 1600 but i cant get windows to boot :(
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