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I want to convert some avi videos so they will play on a regular DVD player. I tried this in the past (cant remember which program), they worked fine on my DVD player but not on others. I can only presume they had not converted properly and my DVD player was able to play them as it is Xvid.

Anyway, what is the best way to go about getting this done, I have quite a few files so speed would be nice to!

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  1. Two free programs you can try are Handbrake and MPEG_Streamclip .
    If neither of those does what you are looking for then try this one of these:

    Edit: I just tried the first two with an .avi file and could not find an mpeg2 export option. However, with a paid version of Any DVD Converter I was able to convert the .avi file to an mpeg2 clip. I have not tried the other two.
  2. cheers Ken, worked it all out now!
  3. diddle283 said:
    cheers Ken, worked it all out now!

    Great! I'm glad you got it solved.
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