Anyone have any issues with 8800 ultra?

Hey i just wanted to know if anyone has issues with the 8800 ultra ?
I am thinking of purchasing so looking to get as much info on it, as it costs quite a bit.
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  1. I own two of them and have never had a prioblem. They do run a little warm,but if you download riva tuner and set the fan at 75% they run cool. 52c-55c / during gaming temps go up to 60c-64c. You can also buy a fan made by CoolIt Systems,they call it a PCI Cooling Booster.This does drop temps between 6c-10c. If you hunt around you can find one for around $18.00.Its made to cool two cards,and worth the money.You can see it in my avatar,i have a photo of my setup. I have 14 customers that i have installed 8800Ultras in their machines.They each had me order the fan because they are running SLI and wanted to keep their cards cool. I have yet to recieve any complaints about performance or heat issues,so you should go ahead and order the card if its what you want,but remember the 9000 series will be here in a month or two so depending what your looking for it might be worth the wait.I also own two 8800GT KOs,and if the 9000 series cards are anything like the 8800GTs Its worth the wait.They said awhile back that it should be 3 times as fast as the current GTX. I am also a reviewer / tester, so ill be finding out soon enough.

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  2. I don't own one these, but the only issues I have ever heard is how way, way overpriced these are for the small performance gain over the GTX. (A GTX is 40% less $$$$ and has 90% of the performance, and you can potentially over-clock it to the Ultras level without much problem) Especially right now with the all the new cards just around the corner, it would be double foolish to spend the money on one. One would think the prices on the GTS, GTX and Ultra all 3 would be taking a big dive right now.
  3. Ok cool thanks a billion.
    Well next thing i was wondering which the first guy said is should i wait for the
    9800 i think i should seeing the performance it is promising.
  4. ghost_uwi, you should purchase a 8800 ultra and send it to me. I will tell if its good or not.
  5. sure just tell me where to mail it and u wait right there it will come. :p
  6. Yea ... if you are'nt in a hurry I'd wait for the next gen cards . Probably won't be much more than that one since the 2 companies look like they are going to have a price war .
  7. It runs too hot and its too expensive.
    If u MUST have a card now get an 8800 GT.
    Yeah, they are over priced and difficult to find, but it outperforms the ultra at some benches, even @ 19x12.
    Its half the price, has 65nm process. Sure its a single slot so get a Thermalright cooler.
  8. ghost_uwi said:
    sure just tell me where to mail it and u wait right there it will come. :p

    HEHEHE .... like I'm still waiting for that free t-shirt from microsoft for beta testing for them for a couple of years ... i've only been waiting about 4 years for it ..... but I know it'll come ... Bill Gates said so .... :lol:
  9. One issue with any 8800GTX is that it is an extra long(10.5") card and may not fit in some cases.

    @ stan116: I was interested in the pci cooling booster, but read a review that it was not very effective:

    For what it is worth, I found a slot cooler mounted under the card to be quite effective because it ejects the hot air coming out of the four slots instead of recirculating it.
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