LAN connection gone from Network Connections

I've never had problems with my LAN connection on my desktop, but the other day the LAN icon completely disappeared from Network Connections. All I have left is the 1394 connection, which is functioning correctly judging from the Device Manager. When I try to "repair" it, it tells me that it "Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection."

I tried winsock, to no avail. System Restore isn't working, I tried five different restore points but it keeps telling me that the restore cannot be completed.

Any ideas? It seems that I've tried everything. :(
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  1. Remove this NIC from device manager, restart pc, reinstall the latest driver.
  2. If what auscanzukus says doesn't work then unplug your PC from the wall and remove the network card and reseat it, sometimes dust will build up in there or it will wiggle out over time. That is assuming it's not an onboard network card though.
  3. I will certainly try these ideas. However, I seem to remember that my Network Connections screen used to have both a 1394 and Local Area Connection icon, and now it's just a 1394 icon. Would this be a common configuration?

    The only reason I bring this up is because the only thing that appears in Device Manager is the 1394 connection, which is functioning correctly, and I can't "remove" the LAN connection from device manager (because it's not there anymore). I'll post back here with what I find out. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, I meant to say uninstall. Oh, then install the driver.
  5. i have a similar problem as Audix. I recently downloaded a security update, and when i restarted the computer my desktop was totally different. The LAN connection icon was totally gone, can't restore anything. I tried uninstalling the adapter and re-installing and nothing!! Any ideas?
  6. Sorry for bumping this dead post, but i have recently encountered this problem and am unable to solve it. I've noticed that it's also left unsolved in this thread so I'm wondering if someone could be kind enough to solve the issue Audix, Rrebollo, and I have been facing.
    tl;dr could someone tell me how to make a new Local Area Connection icon? Mine has dissappeared leaving my Network Connection folder empty except for some dysfunctional broadband icons(my pppoe stuff). I don't know if this'll help but I'm running Windows XP SP-3.
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