HP dv5 - New harddrive, graphics issues

I have put a new hard drive in my HP dv5 1139tx and installed windows 7 but can't get anything needing half decent graphics to go.

I've tried downloading updated chipset drivers from the HP site and it says my computer does not have the minimal requirements, yet these are specifically for this machine.

I'm kind of assuming that its not recognising the graphics card or something like that but have no idea where to go from here...

Well confused, Can anyone help please??
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  1. 32bit system:

    64bit system:

    TO know which link to use, go to "computer", then click "system properties" near the top then find "system type" and it should say "xx-bit operating system"

    After clicking the appropriate link, find "graphics drivers", then download your driver
  2. Hi, thanks, i have downloaded the graphics drivers already (its 64bit) and when i try to install them, it says my computer doesn't have the minimal requirements.
  3. There are choices for Intel and nVidia ones. Make sure that if you have Intel ones you downloaded the Intel ones. nVidia card, you download the nVidia drivers
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