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I really need your help. I read manuals, more than few articules and online discussion and I was unable to find out the answer for my question. I will build my first system, I have all the components and I think I am ready to start. Unortunatelly I am stack with one simple thing (not enugh simple for me). My case fans have a cable to power them up that have on one site 4pin male and other 4pin female. What is that, and how may I connect it to PSU? The 'FAN CABLE' that came with PSU have only 2 pins. How may I aproach it?
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  1. hi,
    the female connectors on your case/cpu fans usually attach directly to the motherboard and not to the psu.
    without a picture it's hard to be sure but maybe your case fan has a molex connector or passthru'? this is the power connector for old hard drives(IDE) and I have never seen a power supply without them. These are always white. Check your psu again and see if the case fan will connect to it without powering up. You have to put the male molex connector from psu into case fan connection. It usually requires a little push! It is keyed so you can't insert wrong way around. If it is a standard molex don't worry about the 2/4 wire thing as the molex connector supllies both 5 and 12 volts up and down and the fan will probably just use the 12v.
    If the fan connector is obviously smaller than anything comming out of your psu it probably attaches directly to the motherboard. Read the motherboard manual to find out where.
    If you are still confused post pictures of fan connector and name/moddel of psu and case
  2. hi
    That would explain my question.
    Thanks a lot
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