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I did the test process you told in the sticky, and according to ''stock'' speedfan, the delta between ambient (21 degrees) to idle (23 degress) is 2 degrees.


my CPu is : E6700 Step L2
and my cooler is Cooler Master Hyper TX2

According to your text, e6700 is valued at 3

according to bit-tech website and by comparison to artic cooling (3) i guess it should be 4 for the hyper tx2

so 4+3 / 2 = 3.5 rounded to 4

So this means I should offset my t-case by 2 degrees for a total of 4 degrees ?

By the way, I have a nine hundred case with two fans blowing on the cpu cooler, would this not help my cpu cooler and give it a better score ?

Finally, great text pretty amazing writing. Did you do Graduate degree writing or write technical text for some corporation ?
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  1. matsta31, you're correct, Tcase should be 4c higher than ambient. The 900 is a great case, however, if you followed the Test Setup to the letter, then it doesn't matter which case you're running, since the Test Setup is designed to level the playing field.

    Regarding my writing style, thank you for your kind words. Good guess. Perhaps you might like to take a look at Page 3 of the Temp Guide's thread, 5th and 4th Posts from the bottom. You'll find the explanation there.

    Bst regards,

    Comp :sol:
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