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need some help!! my brother has my former pentium 4 well i installed some new ram the other day not sure if it has anything to do with it. he shut down is pc the normal way and when he started it up 1 hour later ,it fires up but thats about it nothing on the monitor (no VGA input) tower not doing anying at all no loading, just power. if anyone knows what is going on it would be much appciated thanks
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  1. I would suggest putting the old stuff back in, and seeing if it boots right up. if it does, check to make sure the ram is compatible with your board, or test to make sure it even works!

    If not, you can also try re setting your Bios, Look in your manual, or on line for the manual and locate the correct jumper and do it!

  2. taken out the new ram i installed but the same thing happens so i will try to reboot
  3. Normally if you put new ram in and the pc doesn't boot, it's the ram that's causing issues...

    What kind of ram is it?
  4. Basic rule of troubleshooting: If something is working and you add/do something new and it stops working, BACK UP!

    You may have disturbed the cabling in your case.

    You haven't included system specs.

    What happens if you pull all of the memory out and try to boot? If motherboard, CPU, and PSU are working, you should hear a series of three long beeps indicating serious memory problems (like it's mising).
  5. well just taken it to a mate who builds them checked it out motherboard is knackered but thanks anyway jon
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