No Video Output on Newbuild

I set up a new PC with the following specs but when I power up I get no video signal. The fans all start running, I can hear the HDD spinning, if I have the CD and DVD drives connected I can see them active but I get nothing from the graphics card.
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  1. MBD: Foxconn P9657AA 8KS2H
    CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6550 PCI-e
    GFX: Asus GE8600GT Silent
    HDD: Western Digital WD5000AAKS
    RAM: Corsair CM2X1024 5400C4 2x1GB
    PSU: Akasa PaxPower 400W

    When I press the power switch the fans come on for about 2 secs then go off for 2 secs then come back on again and stay on. I have tried everything I can think of. Taking out everything but the motherboard, 1 stick of ram, the hard drive and the graphics card and still the same problem. I have also tried moving around the RAM, clearing the CMOS and checked everything is seated properly and all connections are correct. I have the 24 pin ATX power cable, 8 pin CPU power cable and a molex 4 pin on the motherboard for the GFX card all plugged in. The monitor is definately working and I have tried plugging it into both outputs on the GFX card.

    Any help would be appreciated as I am running out of ideas. I would try swapping some of the components but the only other parts I have are from the system this is replacing and they are all defunct standards that won't work together.
  2. Try another psu.

    Does your monitor have D-SUB & DVI inputs?
  3. my old system did that when the 24pin wasn't seated all the way , some reason i had to mash down real hard on it and it would power up...
  4. did you get this problem solved? got the same issue!!
  5. Is the system POSTing - any beeps at all? That means you need to have the internal speaker connected for troubleshooting.

    Try this:

    It's a fair amount of work but should help.
  6. Your PSU is a tier 3 which is not horriable but as low as one should go.
  7. ok took out a stick of ram and it fired up?
    havn trouble with it booting from disk but i will let you all know never tried sata boot before.
    cheers Gaz
  8. ok sorted ram issue i think changed timings to manual set up all ok.
    Butt and i mean Butt I think the MB needs flashing to latest it doesnt recongnise the cd drives when os disc inserted just does zip the disc is xp pro and its a good disc I done me research and im not the first with this prob .
    How do i flash without a Os on never done it this way before ?
  9. Does the Bios recognize your cd drive? If it does set the boot order to CD first.

    To flash bios "READ YOUR MANUAL"
  10. Oh, yes indeed. RTFM. Then reread that section as many times as it takes for you to understand step-by-step just what is going on. A mistake here most likely will render your motherboard useless.

    If you are puzzled about terminology or do not understand something, feel free to ask specific questions. We will hang around as long as we have to, but you need to do your part.
  11. Thanks I think! lol
    Took it into the shop today i will report back on there finding i think the MB was a duff one.
    I have built plenty of Pcs but never had this prob thanks for your time i will report back
  12. plz do. at least we know it was ur mobo. or watever the problem was
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