Graphics keep Crashing!!!!

Ok graphics card keeps crashing....i could be just playing on myspace and it will crash...crashes during COD4 ALL the time and sometimes crashes during WOW.... it automatically resets itself but sometimes it does it like 2-3 times in a row. What is wrong with my system. MY monitor runs best at 1680x1050 anything less and everything gets graphics cards max resolution is 1680x1050... is this why it keeps crashing? or is it because i am using Windows XP 64Bit(i hate it)? should i go out and buy a 8800gtx? would this fix my problem.... will someone help me!!!!!

AMD 6000+ CPU
3GB Mushkin Ram
2x 80GB WD HD & 500GB WD External
2x ATI X1950 Pro 256MB 256-Bit graphics card using Crossfire
600Watt Power Supply
22" LCD Widescreen Acer Monitor
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  1. Do you know for sure whether or not it's your graphics card? By crash do you mean that your system shuts down and reboots? If you are getting shut downs and reboots - it could be a number of things. Need more symptoms!

    In the mean time - disable automatic restarts if that is still enabled.

    Guide if you're not sure how:
    Right click "My Computer"
    Click "Properties"
    Click on the "Advanced" tab
    Under "Startup and Recovery" click the "Settings" button
    Under "System Failure" make sure the following items are check:
    -Write and event to the system log
    -Send an administrative alert
    Make sure "Automatically restart" is NOT checked.

    If it's not a PSU or HDD issue, you should BSOD now. Just write down the error code and post it here or check it vs. Microsoft.
  2. It could be a number of things, like the above has said. I would be inclined to think that some of the bios settings aren't stable, most likely ram. Check the settings and use what the manufacturer recommends.
  3. I had the same problem but it turned out that it was my cpu because my mobo had oc'd it past 3.2 ghz making it unstable so my system would crash whenever i turned anything on that required some power. i have the 6000x2 also
  4. the only thing that happeneds is everything freezes and the screen goes black for like 2 seconds like its not getting a signal from the graphics card and then everything goes back to normal no error message or anything i did the system restart stuff u said
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