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Not sure in which forum to put this exactly but here goes...

I'm looking to do some case modification on my COOLER MASTER CM Stacker STC-T01 for a new water cooling setup I've recently purchased. Specifically what I'm trying to accomplish is to lengthen the already rectangular vent on the bottom side of the case in order to accommodate a larger radiator (PA120.3).

What kind of tool could I use to do such a job? Right now all I have is a dremel with various attachments, while I know I "could" do the job with it the results would be less than stellar. The closest thing I can find is this Ryobi Reciprocating Saw but I have no idea if it would actually work, you all will have to left me know.

If that wouldn't work what other mildly low-cost solution (less than $150) can I use to get the job done?
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  1. That saw would be a bit overkill for such a job. This Dremel attachment would do just as well and be easier to control. I used to use the little red fiberglass cutoff wheels before I found this. A much easier and cleaner cut, and no screws!

    Here is another option that turns your Dremel into a Rotozip style router. Just be careful to not go too fast, as the bits can break easily under pressure, especially when cutting metal.

    Personally I would be lost without my Dremel.
  2. I have had good success with tin snips followed up with a dremel
  3. I am not crafty enough to take up the challenge.
    At most I will only paint my case...
  4. use a dremel w/ cutting head to cut a slightly smaller rectangle than needed (2-3 mm short per side), then use a smoothing head to smooth it out to the appropriate dimensions...

    same thing with tinsnips, cut a slightly smaller rectangle than needed, then follow it with some smoothing using a dremel
  5. I picked up a Nibbler to cut a window in a side panel and I'm pretty impressed with this little tool. Cuts very clean edges but it does make about a 1/4" wide cut. Also keep in mind its for pretty thin material. Not sure how thick the sheeting is on your case.

    May be just what your lookin for.
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