X38-DQ6 an Ballistix PC2 - 8500

Please could some friendly soul out there help me.... :hello:

I've got a Gigabyte X38-DQ6 with 3 gb ballistix 8500 memories...
and I won't get any speed.... how should I adjust my bios... for the best performance??

(quite a noob in this subject...) :pt1cable:

Some one out there.... heeelp!

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  1. What do you mean you won't get any speed? Also, what are the specs of the other components on the computer?
    There has been a topic here before about troubles that we had with that MB (me included), getting 4GB of that memory to run at stock speed, but so far people with 3GB seemed to be fine overclocking the memory.
  2. ok i try to get som spec ....... a.s.a.p.!

  3. The memories is Balistix 8500
    Cpu Quad

    as you can see in cpu-z spec

    But the memories dosen't look right och can some one explain... how to read the spec?

    Or should I stayed and play with my "Lego" instead ?!?

  4. b.u.m.p. heelp ... :-)
  5. memmory is running at 1066 thats 533X2 as noteded buy CPU-Z looks good to me
  6. Yup, you're running everything at stock speed there. The only thing is that in your first post you said that you had 3GB of memory, in these pics only 2GB are shown. Did you take out a stick? If not you might want to check that it's inserted right and recognized by the system.
  7. ok thanx.... yepp took one out....
    it´s just that the system feels like unstable... hmmm... feel so slow....
    i´m doing G-raid config, is that good or should i prefer intels raid och should i drop raid and go non?!

    My old Msi system with 1gb 533 mems felt faster....

    graphiccard is xfx 8800 gts 320mb...

    So it should "feel" faster......

    Is the any post/site that could explain the bios config for me?!?

    // Thanx for help.....so far..... :-)
  8. I am running intel raid0, what os are you running on it ? also the manual has good discriptions on the bios I have not looked any further. my score with 3dmark06 is 16,169 so I am happy with that for a stock 6850 cpu its not to bad may OC it later.
  9. xp 32 and raid 0....

    i'll run 3dmark post the score....
  10. 3d mark 06... 9216

    Xp 32
    Quad 6600 2.4
    XFX 8800gts
    2 Gb mem balistix 8500...
    Raid 0 (G-raid

    So it should go faster i.m.h.o. or am I wrong?

  11. zmurfen said:
    3d mark 06... 9216

    Xp 32
    Quad 6600 2.4
    XFX 8800gts
    2 Gb mem balistix 8500...
    Raid 0 (G-raid

    So it should go faster i.m.h.o. or am I wrong?


    Why G raid?

    I think it is slower than intels that could be the problem.
  12. ok....don't now why... byt i just choose that between the two.....

    Ill try... intels...(reinstall :pt1cable: baah dooh)

    any way thanx for helping out...!
  13. Ya I know install test install test but getting the best perfomance takes time and tweaks after you do the intel raid then if you would re-test 3dmark06. if you don't mind.
  14. I'll come back after the reinstall and 3dm test... hope it solve my "greedy" problems :-) ....
  15. Re installed and intels raid instead ...

    Got 10310 in 3dmark 06 now...
    Feels faster....

    So i.m.h.o. G-Raid sux...

    Now i have just have to tweek system...

    is 10310 bad or good?

  16. cool looks good to go and ya good score :)
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