New PC let me know what you guys think

Hi guys, this is a rundown of all the parts i'm going to use in my new pc... let me know if u'd change something, thanks.

Case: ThermalTake SopranosRS 101
PSU: OCZ Silencer 610W
Mobo: Asus P5N32E-SLI +
Cpu: Intel Q6600
Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700LED
RAM: OCZ Reaper (OCZ2RPR8002GK) X2
Video: BFG 8800GT OC2 X2 (heh forgot to mention)
Burner: LG Burner
HDD: Raid5 4x500GB Seagate (Storage), 1x250GB WD (Windows and Softwares), 1x40GB (10000RPM for game installs)

Ive already ordered all the parts, but all from local suppliers, so i can just cancel whatever part and have it replaced, also keep in mind that i want to OC this machine to 3.30 like in the Dual vs Quad Article on toms...
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  1. Hello mate :)
    Everything looks awesome mate, but u MAY want to change the cooler to
    ThermalRight ULTRA 120, thats better, but dont change anything else

    edit, if u need SLI, then keep that board, its a solid board but if u dont need SLI, then get P35 board like
    ASUS P5K-E WIFI (WIFI version has better cooling than normal P5K-E)
  2. Great build!

    agree with maziar, change the mobo if you don't use sli
  3. you might read this about the vid card you are thinking of getting .... before you get it.
  4. First Maziar thank you , you've been a great help, i ended up deciding on going with sli after all,

    I have two small questions if i may

    1) about the cooler, i figured since THG used it in their build, it should be more than now i'll have to look into the one you mentioned, thanks for the heads up.

    2)about the RAM (4-4-4-15), i was reading a review which had me a lil worried, wondered if you can clear it up a bit maybe, since i dunno if we can post links, I'll just quote to summarize

    "I was really disappointed with the over clocking results; the max amount of volts I could push into this set was 2.35V with loose timings, and still was not able to achieve DDR2-1000"

    I'm by far not an expert in over clocking, but i was wondering if I'd have to reach that far to hit the over clocking of 3.30Ghz on my rig?

    barneybadass, thanks for the heads up, i read a review about a week ago to see how the card faired and they stated that it does get real hot, like 90celcius hot, so i was wondering if heat would be an issue and was thinking of getting after market coolers for them, any recommendations? preferably in the zalman product line (i was looking at the VF1000 LED).

  5. @OP: The VF1000 LED is a solid VGA cooler. get the ThermalRight ULTRA 120, but the Zalman is still good. You should be able to get 1000Mhz on the OCZ RAM. But, it mostly depend on the CPU and Motherboard.
  6. OCZ REAPER has a very good cooling whichi helps for OC'ng also
    4-4-4-15 is a very good timings, i have 4x1GB OCZ REAPER DDR2 800 and E6600 and i am running @ 3.2, no problem
  7. question about the proper CPU, i asked my supplier to make sure it's G0 stepping, he said he couldn't confirm 100% then i gave him the end of the spec code "SLACR" he said that's what it ends with, does that ensure it's a G0 stepping cpu?
  8. ^Yes. It is marked by Intel itself and can't be changed by any one else
  9. Hey guys i need advice on something, i was wondering if instead of putting seperate drives for game installs and OS/software,

    how would performance be affected if i used say 5 or 6 x 500GB drives in RAID5 and made 3 partitions out of it?

    and also i'm wondering if i should move the Audigy sound card from my older pc to this one, (sound quality is not important at all since i'm using monitor speakers) i'm more concerned with performance... again please your input, thanks.
  10. any1?
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