Minimizing Writes to flash SSD

Ok, I've yet to buy a flash SSD but I will get one once i figure out if keeping writes down to an absolute minimum is possible. As we know flash drives have poor random write performance, and they have a short lifespan for writes.

Ideal situation:
I want a duel boot XP and Vista system on the SSD (likely 2X64gb drive in raid 0), with my applications and games. All media, like videos and music will be stored on conventional large storage drives.
Anything that needs to write regularly will be pointed to a fast conventional drive, so far as i can think of, that includes,
-temporary files/folders
-assorted cache/saved files for applications and games
-my documents
-temporary internet files/folders (cookies etc)

Anything i'm forgetting? Some of these are easy, some i'm not sure. Bottom line:
Is it possible to build a windows system that does not need to write to C: ??
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  1. If you used part of RAM as a virtual drive and modded Windows to save the contents on Window's shutdown then you wouldn't need a lot of writes to C. The problem is that Amiga may own the copyright or patent on this feature as their drive was named T: for temporary.
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