CPU Fan starts then stops - on New build - this normal?

I just assembled a new computer. When I started the system for the first time the Fan on the Intel Stock heat sync of the CPU started spinning - but then stopped!?
This scared me - so I quickly pulled the plug. I tried it again but the same thing so i pulled the plug quickly again fearing overheating. I am wondering; Is this normal? Are there some CPU fans that start stop and start again? Should I just let it continue booting? Perhaps its just going to start up again if i leave it on? Im afraid to test it myself, Ive heard overheating can occur very fast.

CPU: Intel Q6600 Quad Core ( Stock Fan )
MB: Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800
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  1. I can understand the amount of tention of emotion of killing a brand new CPU, but try to remember these days, the CPU does have thermal protection. It should be harder to actually kill a CPU from heat.

    And to make it more clear, usually a system will shut the system off, once it does hit a threshold temp or thermal trip. Its just the old days when we didn't have thermal protection (Toms video of CPU's burning up by taking the HS off) that scares our minds. :lol:

    To explain the fan, you prolly have a feature called Smart Fan. Its purpose, is to shut the fan off till it reaches a temp, say 40C. So when you start it, the fan will start up till it POSTs, then shuts the fan off the CPU is not at a certain temp. Which it helps the system run more quiet. You can disable that feature as well to keep the fan on.

    Anyhoo... I wouldn't be to alarmed of frying your CPU. There are so many posts on over heating problem from the HSF installation, and basically all those users ended up figuring out what they did wrong. So just trying to point out there isn't much to be worried about, as far as frying the CPU. :D
  2. The system likely won't boot into BIOS with 4 GBs of RAM installed. Use one DIMM in slot 1 only and get into BIOS. Set the memory voltage to specs, PC6400=2.0-2.1v. Now you can shut down and install a second DIMM, but you have no OS or MB/system drivers to utalize all that knowledge. You can install your OS and system drivers with 1 or 2 GBs, then add all the memory you have at that time. Like Grimmy said, disable smart fan in BIOS, just let it run wide open for now.

    Edit in bold :hello:
  3. Hi

    My fan does the same (Arctic freezer 7) when booting or even just browsing the net, start playing a game and you'll see the fan start spinning
  4. Thanks guys, I figured it was something like that but didnt want to take any chances. It was Auto Fan. The system also booted with all 4g installed and detected it all. Running memtest86 now.
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