Can someone tell me why the 1.87GHz is next to the 2.66Ghz?

Can someone tell me why the 1.87GHz is next to the 2.66Ghz? What does it mean? Which one is my actual clockspeed?

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  1. Don't trust that screen. Vista shows my 6750 at stock every time. Download CPU-z if you want to see your true clockspeeds.
  2. I did CPU-Z shows the same thing.
  3. Most likely it's just SpeedStep then. It clocks your CPU down during idle. It should jump to rated speed once you run something. Run Prime95 and check CPU-z again. It should show properly then.
  4. Speed step is saving you some power....if you load the computer up(game, encode a video, fold ect)it will jump back up to where it should be....

    Don't worry about it...
  5. Just out of Curiosity how would one turn it off and would it be alright to turn it off?
  6. Turn it off in BIOS.

    Or you can try doing it under the power settings, although I am not sure if that totally disables the SpeedStep action. It should be under Display settings, in the Screen Saver section, in the power section. Change it to Always On.

    But I do know you can change it in BIOS, that's for sure.
  7. I just wounder why his is not showing which model it is. I checked mine and it shows Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4GHz and his shows Core 2 Quad @2.66(which presumably should be a Q6700).
  8. I noticed that as well. That is a little weird.
  9. Plus the memory is showing 2559. What is your configuration?
  10. Maybe he didn't update Vista to recognize the newer CPUs?

    Dunno. That's a good question.
  11. I just ran PCMark and this is what I get...

    Do you guys think I may have a faulty CPU?
  12. Turn any throttling options off in the bios and try again...
  13. Download Prime95 and run it. Then launch CPUZ an see the clock speed. It should show 2.66Ghz in CPUZ.
  14. My Q6600 is supposed to run at 2.4 GHz, but most of the time it sits at 1.6 GHz because of SpeedStep. I don't mind, it's smart to save some electricity and heating when all I do is type junk or watch a movie. It does jump back to 2.4 GHz whenever I do something more serious.

    Don't disable SpeedStep, it's useful.

    I wish the 8800GTX had something like that :(

    Edit: I believe you've got a Q6700 (based on the default 2.67 GHz speed), but Vista was invented before the Q6700 so it has trouble identifying it and it leaves the model name empty. Are you getting updates for Vista from time to time? They should fix it, it's embarrassing.
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