Hard Drive really slow recently

hey guys I believe this is either a HD problem or RAM problem but I believe its more of a HD problem. Recently when i startup windows, it takes a very long time to actually start up to the point where I can actually click on a program like firefox and have it actually bootup. Also when i start programs like AIM, firefox, and games the computer would seem to hang and I would see "(NOT RESPONDING)" on the task manager but it'll eventually boot the program up after minutes of waiting (doesnt happen everytime but occasionally) It also not only bogs down or seems to lockup during booting up programs, but firefox would freeze sometimes and not respond for a couple minutes. The weird thing is its not the whole computer that locks up and freezes for minutes but its individual programs that im running. For example firefox could freeze and not respond for minutes but I could still chat on AIM. Im thinking this is a hard drive issue? thanks in advance

this is my Hard drive, if its any help

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  1. Do you have any anti-virus/anti-spy-ware software installed?

    Sounds to me like either an infection of something nasty or having more than one AV product installed.
  2. sounds like a software problem. XP or vista?

    start - run - "msconfig", uncheck most of your programs at startup.
  3. I'd say check for viruses and Adware. It may be time to download Knoppix, buy an external Hard Drive, and boot up in Knoppix to back up your data so you can format your hard drive. It could also be that the Hard Drive is dying, but I doubt it. Back it up, and format it first, then stop looking at porn and getting viruses :o
  4. ive scanned for viruses, nothing, did spyware remover everythings gone... and its still happening. I also ran scandisk and i will be running defrag tommorow. im running XP
  5. why do you think its your hard drive..?
    when you load up your profile.. its sits on your RAM .
    first as rockbyter told you , disable most of the thinks on msconfig (startup tab) or try loading to safe mode and see if it runs good there.
    If your desktop is full of junk and large files , try putting them on C drive or on the drive itself ,not on the desktop or my documents,
    try looking on your system by running dxdiag and see if you got the memory you should have.
    another think is delete your pagefile.sys .. and restart .. let the computer create a new one and see if it solve your problem.
    I think its the memory or some software fault..
    it might be hard drive but I doubt it too..

    test the things and update us.

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