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hi, i just bought a 8800gt and i have at home a vf900, i was wondering it was really necessary to put little heat sinks on those little power conductor things or whatever they are called because on the stock heat sink there is a thermal pad on top of them and they are to the far right of the card near the power adapter. i really want to put on my vf900 but an not sure of those power conductor things need cooling for them. for clarification here is a picture of those things http://img529.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc00748hg4.jpg on the stock heat sink there are thermal pads on the very left side of the heat sink and that is where those things are located.
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  1. On the card itself they are on the right side, not the left, and do need thermal protection (in my opinion)

  2. where do u get those little heat sinks?
  3. The 8 ramsinks come with the Vf900.
    The ones on the right you have to make using these:

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