e2160 temps

my e2160 (stock) temps are 33-35 C when idle but under prime 95 stress test 100% it;s like 47 C
is this normal?
My cooler is artic freezer 7 pro with artic silver 5 paste
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  1. Yes that's normal. When did you install the AS5?
  2. well it was my first built computer so like almost a month ago
  3. Well they seem fine so you don't need to worry. It's when your temps reach the 70s, then you would need to worry.
  4. well i'm planning to overclock it and i wonder how much will the temp increase after overclocking?
  5. Well with a stock cooler on my 2180 I got max 57 @ 3.0 but I had a high voltage for the E21x0 (1.3725 or something) compared to others (mine is a lemon might swap)
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