My (almost) 3 year old gaming rig with pics!

I've just taken some pics of my gaming rig with my new 5 Mpix camera and thought I would share them here. I will have had my PC for 3 years in february. It has seen a few upgrades over this time, but it is still an old S939 / DX9 build, and probably one of the best around XD. Heres the pics, specs are in my sig.

With flash:

Dark Pics:

The 3 front speakers are behind the Curtains, the side ones I have on my walls :)
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  1. Meh, my sig is a little weak. Heres the full specs:
    AMD X2 4400 @ 2.6 Ghz

    Asus A8R-MVP Deluxe S939

    2 gig G.Skill 500 Mhz DDR

    Ati X1900 XTX

    Creative X-Fi Elite Profesional + Gigaworks 7.1 THK Speakers (£500 of sound)

    Arctic AeroEngine 2 case - 14cm front intake fan, 2x 12cm side fans, 12cm exhaust fan all hooked up to a fan controller

    Tagan 580 watt Modular PSU

    Sony X-Black 19" TFT monitor - 12ms response time (Teh sux now), 1000:1 contrast Ratio, 450 cd/m2 brightness.

    Razor Diamondback + Exactmat (mouse)

    Saitek Eclipse (Keyboard)

  2. it's still a decent rig bro :)
    i just built a new rig, will post pictures when my camera returns from the reparation service :fou:
  3. my rig is about 3 years old :
    this is the original setup-

    amd 64 s939 3000+
    asus A8N-E
    xfx 6600gt 256mb
    transcend 512x2 ddr400
    sony dru720a-dvd writer
    samsung 80gb pata
    seagate 120gb pata
    some zebronics cabinet+400watts psu
    my 4year old philips 107e5 17inch crt(the only remnant of my first build in mid 2004 when i made the biggest mistake and got myself a pentium 4 prescott)

    this is what's left of it now-
    AMD OPTERON 175 dual core @ 2.2ghz(Stock-crysis loves stock settings.dunno why!)
    Asus A8N-E
    Transcend 2x1gb=2gb ddr400
    galaxy 8800GT 512mb(stock settings here)
    Coolermaster cavalier
    coolermaster extreme power duo 600watts psu
    sony dru 810a
    2xhitachi 160gb sata2=320gb
    seagate 120gb pata-now my external drive
    philips 107e5(its been more than 4years and still going strong!)
  4. Yea originally it had a 3000+, Asus A8N-SLI which kind of blew / buggered up, a 6800, onboard sound and budget ram. Im tempted to give it a Q6600 and 3870 XT upgrade, but I dont need to yet. I'll try and resist upgerading for 6-12 months, but believe me resisting it is sooo hard lol :p

    I want upgrades all the time :(
  5. I am continually wanting to scrap my old celeron @ 2.2 and build a C2D.
    It is so hard to resist the urge.
  6. I agree that you compy is still great my system isn't even a year old and its getting its butt kicked in newer games but it doesn't matter to me I play at 1024x768 with out AA and online i turn the the settings to make sure i get the best fps possible
  7. i guess its pointless upgrading the pc-everytime a new game /video card is let loose in the market -u feel cheated and then u feel sad about how underpowered ur 2 month old hardware is --its best to move on to consoles-the amount i paid for getting my 8800gt card-so that i could play crysis at max settings on my modest 17 inch monitor seems like a waste unless ea/crytek and nvidia do something about it @ 1024x768 without AF and most things set @ high i get about 35-40fps-could've bought a ps3/xbox360 for the same amount.
  8. yeah thats true i mean i got my card last year and its super crap now but fps is my concern not quality and i can live with turning down the settings to play so im going to ride out my card until a game doesn't support it any more then get a high end card. That shoul be in about 3 years untill then i have my 360 ;)
  9. ComputerCustomizer said:
    I am continually wanting to scrap my old celeron @ 2.2 and build a C2D.
    It is so hard to resist the urge.

    Celeron.... ewwwwwwww
  10. mine is only a year old.

    Athlon X2 (s939) 4200+ @ 2.64ghz (with massive zalman)
    Corsair 2gb kit
    Nvidia 256mb 7600GS
    Asus A8N-Sli Premium
    M-Audio Audiophile 192
    WD 500gb + 250gb + 80gb
  11. ComputerCustomizer said:
    I am continually wanting to scrap my old celeron @ 2.2 and build a C2D.
    It is so hard to resist the urge.

    You can do a pin mod, just look at my signature. If you need more help on this just PM me
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