My burner has just packed up, don;t ask me why, think it has something to do with my mate spilling beer on it, lol.

Anyways, I am currently looking into getting a new one. Im thinking that Asus or LG are the way to go as they seem to produce the best quality DVD-RW drives for a good price :)

Im just looking for some advice really. I assume that your gonna get faster data transfer with a SATA drive compared to an IDE one. It seems that SATA drives have similar read and write speed to IDE drives, but for less money. Was just wondering what you guys thought? What is the benefit of SATA and how does it improve on IDE? At the moment my CD drive is slave to my primary HDD. Will it be a problem if my HDD has no slave? I am new to all this and confused so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Speed should be the same either way - neither should be capable of saturating the interface. The real benefit is not needing the huge PATA cable (which will work fine with no slave, btw).
  2. Your hard disk will work faster without the PATA DVD drive.
    Here is a good SATA one:

    SAMSUNG Black 22X DVD+R 22X DVD-R 16X DVD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA 22X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe - OEM
  3. ahha thanks a lot!! so i take it IDE, ATA and PATA are esentially the same thing? :)
  4. IDE=PATA.
  5. evongugg said:
    Your hard disk will work faster without the PATA DVD drive.

    The big benefit on speed you'll get is from putting the signal on a different controller. Your system won't have to wait for the slowest device on the cable to respond before going back for more data, etc....
  6. sorry i dont really understand? Care to elaborate.....
  7. An IDE channel works at the slowest of it's components. You have a hard drive and a DVD drive. The DVD drive is slower than the hard drive. So the channel will work at the speed of the DVD drive to ensure compatibility.
  8. Can answer any better than evongugg did. :)
  9. Depending on the controller (anything that's not ancient), you will only get the slow down if accessing the CD/DVD at the same time as the HD.

    At any rate the point is moot. Get the SATA DVD, it's a no brainer.
  10. Cheers for all your help guys.

    SATA it is!
  11. Good luck, any problems hit back!
  12. I try not to assume to much so this may be a real stupid question - Does your Motherboard support SATA. I only ask this as I didn't see what MB you have, or the vintage. Some of the older MB sata did not support CD/DVD drives very well. But by all means SATA CD/DVD drives are the way to go - Not from a performance gain, but much better cabling.
  13. yes my MoBo does support sata. I realise this thread is quite old but I have actually only just got round to trying to make a decision - lol

    So any additional help would be appreciated.
  14. Your SATA controller needs to support ATAPI interface, or it will not support CD/DVD drives. This can happen when you have a RAID controller or onboard controller set in RAID mode; often there is no ATAPI support. Also early SATA controllers not integrated into the chipset did not offer ATAPI support.

    So there's a slight chance it wont work, but there's no real reason to go Parallel ATA again - its going to disappear and with good reason. Always go SATA.

    And for the record, SATA is also IDE. IDE means the actual controller is in the drive, and the 'controller' in the chipset is actually a 'host adapter'. In other words, IDE means the drives themselves to act as controller, as opposed to the SCSI way of doing things (drives are submissive).
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